Book Cover Designers is not a self-claimed best book designer; the town calls us the best for our creative approach in every order we work for. We have employed the country's best book cover designers, who work with immense dedication and commitment for every order. They are the real strength that greases our wheels towards success.

We work with designers who are highly passionate about book cover design! Their passion and experience are evaluated through their portfolio, and creative task tests they attempt. Most of our team members are gurus of designing and former designing instructors. They possess unbeatable knowledge about the field, which makes them the best people to work with.

In regards to sizes, we are pretty much flexible. Most of the time, clients require 5.5 inches X 8.5 inches, as the size is bookshelf-friendly. However, we do not mind adjusting the size per the client's preferences. We do not charge anything extra for the size adjustment. Let us know about your desired design, and we'll get it done for you.

In that case, the revisions are offered by us free of cost. A significant amount of time is given to the client. They may skim through the whole thing and share their thoughts about their product. If there are some flaws in the design that a client wishes to get fixed, we'd be more than happy to do it free of cost. Just let us know what you wish to get fixed, and we'd do it happily.

The customer support team is available on their toes to render solutions to any challenges a client faces. If something provokes you to cancel the order, we suggest you get in touch with the support team. They'd try their best to provide you with the solution. However, if you have changed your mind, the order can be cancelled within 24 hours.

That goes without mentioning that every book cover design would be surely 100% unique, original and designed from scratch. The client's brief is taken into great consideration and only then is the book cover designed. Therefore the delivered outcome will solely belong to you and exclusively to the client.

We take at least 7 to 15 working days to complete one book design. However, this may vary depending upon the design requirement, and we may take a little longer in some cases. In case a client needs an urgent delivery, we can speed up the process for a little more fee. Hence, we are flexible when it comes to setting deadlines.

Sadly, no! Delivering a book cover design within 24 hours is impossible for us, because making a book cover is a long and tiring process. It requires creative energy, enough time to brainstorm ideas, and, most importantly – learning about your target audience. Hence, we cannot deliver a book cover within the dedicated timeframe.

Yes, we can do the alteration to a design that you could have already prepared. Share the complete detail of the elements you wish to get fixed in the design. The team of book cover designers would cater to your requirements and alter the book cover. To know the pricing for the alteration of book cover design, reach out the customer support.

We encourage clients to share running ideas in their minds. This helps us understand what a client needs and what would go best per their expectations. However, if a client is having difficulty suggesting an idea, our designers do not mind going the extra mile and suggesting what would suit them the best! Get in touch with us to know more